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South Pars, the realization of a national will

South Pars, the realization of a national will

South Pars, as the largest gas field in the world, plays an important role in Iran’s energy supply. However, the exploration of this gas field, which contains 2% of Iran’s gas reserves and 8% of the world’s gas reserves, dates back to the 7th decade.

The development of the South Pars gas field in the form of 2 standard phases did not start until year 1, and finally the first South Pars gas production began with the opening of phases 1 and 4 at the end of year 3, and then three more phases entered the operation circuit by the end of the eighth government. شد.

By the time I left the Ministry of Petroleum in 1996, three phases were fully operational, with an average of over four percent being built. When I visited South Pars again in August, except for the unfinished phase of the previous period, which had been completed and had reached production, there was no new capacity for gas production because of the multiplicity of contracts and limited resources. Production from this common field did not help.

Therefore, in the first step, it was decided to prioritize the South Pars phases. Also, the implementation and application of professional management in projects and the establishment of an optimal resource allocation system were among the most important factors that were tried to be pursued in the first days.

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